Although residential title industry rates are regulated within most States, there can be great differences in the quality of the work performed. If real estate is your business, you need four things from your closing partner; speed, title clearance prowess, an exceptional closing experience for your customers and no unpleasant surprises after closing. We understand that their peace of mind is dependent on our thorough and accurate research, attention to detail and our ability to solve issues promptly and creatively if they arise. Equally important, Gulf Coast Title knows that the closing is the final step in a homebuyer’s purchasing journey and we strive to deliver a memorable, seamless experience leading up to this special day.

Professional, independent, and on your side.

Gulf Coast Title is an independent title agency. We are a neutral party in your transaction and can look out for your best interests without being influenced by others. We are staffed with attorneys, senior title examiners, title searchers and highly experienced real estate paralegals, all dedicated to getting your customer successfully to closing.

If escrow services are needed, we are happy to disburse, following stringent safety standards to lessen incidents of check recall or fraudulent wire instructions.

It’s your property, it’s your money, it’s your choice.

While most consumers will go directly to their insurance agents to discuss their auto or homeowner’s insurance needs, when it comes to title insurance, consumers often rely upon others to recommend a title insurance company, without any knowledge of the talent or experience behind it.

Because some title insurance agencies take short cuts, do the minimum search that their underwriter requires or have inexperienced personnel, your client’s ultimate use and enjoyment of their new home may be limited, especially when they go to sell. At Gulf Coast Title, we perform more than the minimum, frequently searching land records for more than 100 years. This means more peace of mind and fewer surprises for your customer and you.